Year One Mementos

Tomorrow I’ll be releasing the latest line at 12:00PM EST, entitled, “BASICS.” It’s also It’s All Sad’s one-year anniversary. The timing was coincidental, which I thought was symbolic. Thus far, the journey has consistently taken me to interesting and unexpected places. Becoming a brand is one of those places.

When I first conceived of It’s All Sad it was just a blog where I could explore my personal journey of living with depression as an entrepreneur and millennial in the digital era. At the time, I was sitting alone in a restaurant, feeling low as I often do, and wrote out my thoughts on my phone, which ended up becoming the first article.

Somewhere in those initial thoughts, I expressed that I was finally at a place of confidence in my life, where I was able to honestly delve into my journey, and thus, able to freely share whatever it was that I found there, however dark it might be. It’s perhaps the rawest thing I’ve ever done. Ironically, by exposing my weaknesses, I found more confidence, and so, it goes. 

I also expressed a desire to reengage with my creative passions, as well as, connect with others who shared my worldview, because I was feeling terribly alone, and my entrepreneurial pursuits were driving me further into isolation. I didn’t realize the two were somehow connected, but that’s been the way the journey’s gone. 

By taking the time to give back to myself creatively, I didn’t just find other likeminded individuals, I was also blessed to have the opportunity to help build a place for all of us to exist together. 

Interestingly, I didn’t give It’s All Sad any real guidance, so it just kind of evolved into what it needed it to be, and not what I wanted it to be. There’s something beautiful in that and it taught me a lot about how I’d like to approach other aspects of my life.  

So many of us live with this destination in mind of who we think we want to become. To get there we’re willing to force things into our lives that we don’t really love or enjoy, without ever realizing that those things will inevitably change us, and so, in this approach, we tend to lose ourselves along the way. 

The most important thing I’ve learned over the last year is that life isn’t about the pursuit of happiness. 

For each of us, the measures are different, but we’ll all experience happiness and sadness at various times in our lives. Instead, I pursue love. I think it’s the only way of ever truly getting to where we’re meant to be, which is right here, right now.

BASICS is about getting back to the simple things in life that we can all love right here and right now.  

BASICS features new cut and sew items, as well as, household goods. Small variations will occur over time, but the pieces will remain consistent and become the basis of the future of our core program.

It’s all sad but it’s not bad, 


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Stephen Shaw
I've worked with artists like Janet Jackson and Sammy Adams, I've helped with causes like HXOUSE and Fashion Cares, and I've consulted for brands like Adidas and Budweiser. These days I make things like Dopesite, Artful Record® and It’s All Sad™ 🌎🌍🌏

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