Stephen Shaw

Stephen Shaw, 36, grew up in Northern Ontario, before moving to Sweden, and then back again to Southern Ontario. Once a top ranked model, and then university dropout, he credits these life experiences with informing his sensibilities.

A self-taught designer, he honed his craft by starting in the creative industries with recording artist Janet Jackson, cultivating strong relationships along the way with top talents across creative fields, including art, music, film, and fashion.

Throughout his varied career, he’s owned several businesses, but has always remained grounded in the creative community. In the fall of 2018, he made his biggest shift yet, and began refocusing his efforts on his hometown of Toronto, where he fostered a relationship with HXOUSE, The Weeknd and XO Record’s Creative Incubator. Afterwards, he was driven to create Dopesite Co, Artful Record and It’s All Sad, to further empower the next generation of global creative talent.