Peace of Mind

Strange times call for strange solutions.


It took me nearly one year to put together this latest release, and I had intended on finally doing a proper shoot, however, with continued COVID restrictions in Canada, it was proving too difficult. As such, I called on my biggest fan and muse, my wife, to stand in as a model for me, and I also decided to revisit my old modelling days. We threw together this lookbook with nothing but the furniture in our home, one of my paintings, a few samples from the line, and a janky last minute camera stand that we’d purchased the day before on Amazon.


As we shot, we both moved between work, and taking these shots. It was truly a testament to the times, but in some strange way, it’s our love letter to what we’ve endured together over the last year and a half.


Rebecca is 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 112 pounds. She is wearing the FREE LOVE Biker Shorts in Small, the FREE LOVE Tech Sports Bra in Extra Small, the FREE LOVE T-Shirt in Extra Extra Large, the THREESOME. T-Shirt in Extra Extra Large and the Peace of Mind Beanie.


Stephen is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 195 pounds. He is wearing the FREE LOVE Shorts in Medium, the FREE LOVE Hoodie in Extra Extra Large, the Peace of Mind Snapback and the Peace of Mind socks in Large/Extra Large. He is holding the FREE LOVE T-Shirt in Extra Large.

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