Life Handed a Boy an Apple Tree

And so, as it goes, life handed a boy an apple tree. 

He ate from it whenever he wished and when it rained, he found shelter under its branches and he was satisfied. Life also handed the boy a pair of shoes for which he could walk to and fro, experiencing the world and all its wonders, but always being able to return to the tree to eat its fruit and find shelter. 

One day, the boy returned now a man to find that the tree had also grown old and died. He noticed one apple remained on the ground nearby. Hungry from his travels, he went to take a bite from it, but stopped himself. Instead, he planted its seeds. 

Knowing he would be staying for a while; he took off his shoes. He found it was a whole new experience, the feeling of the earth beneath his feet was a connection he had never had before, and he found that his urge to travel lessened and he became satisfied with where he was. He nurtured his seeds and though he was hungry, through his love and attention his trees grew fast. 

Soon he had so many trees that he didn’t know what to do with all of the apples and the ones he couldn’t eat would just rot. So, he put on his shoes, collected as many apples as he could and set out into the world again. He fed those he met on his journey and brought those who needed more back to his trees to be fed. 

One day, a small boy approached him, he was hungry and wanted to know how he had come to have so many apple trees. The man reached up into a high branch and found the most delicious looking apple he could find and handed it to the boy. The boy wanted to eat it, but the man stopped him. The boy not understanding, looked inquisitively at the man.

“If you want all that this life has to offer,” the man said warmly to the boy, “wait until you’re so hungry, hungrier than you’ve ever been, and even then, wait some more. Then the answer will come to you.” He then took off his shoes and gave them to the boy.

The boy asked, “Why the shoes?”

“There is nothing left to do, and nothing left to see,” he said, “go out and see the world.” 

And so, as it goes, life handed a boy an apple tree.

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