In the Epoch of Human Ignorance

This week marks the three year anniversary since my first post on It’s All Sad™. What began as a simple blog to explore the trauma I’d buried over the years has evolved into so much more. The timing of the latest release today, entitled, “Peace of Mind,” wasn’t planned, which seems serendipitous.

I’ve been decidedly quiet for nearly a year, and despite having so much to say, it felt like screaming into an abyss. 

There’s just so much noise out there, nonsense really, and everything’s edited, dramatized, and embellished, or worse still, glossed over. There’s no space for deep, nuanced, or even factual conversation. 

Everyone’s just, “good,” all the time, and it’s maddening.

At present, the world’s a dumpster fire, fuelled by every little vapid opinion and fanned by vacuous solutions.

Serious people are accepting guidance from children as to how to solve the world’s problems. I’m seriously burnt out from listening to impetuous children whining about a world they’ve yet to bare any responsibility for, and even more so, by the adults who have, but still choose to act like impetuous children. 

The leader of the free world couldn’t even stay awake for COP26, and sadly, this is a significant improvement from his predecessor, who encouraged Neo-Nazis to storm the US Capital (amongst other things.)

It’s bizarre.

Here in Canada, I waited in line for four tedious hours observing stringent COVID protocols to cast my vote in the Canadian federal election. While waiting, I had the pleasure of listening to just about everyone bitch and complain about waiting in line. 

Coincidentally, we made the national news later that night for how long it took people in our riding to vote.  

Strangely, the same people who were bitching and complaining decided to reelect an accused sex offender, who also happened to belong to the same party that had imposed the restrictions they were bitching and complaining about. 

This is the stuff my brain has trouble computing right now.

So much of what’s behind It’s All Sad™ is an analysis of the dichotomies in life. I make sense of this dissonance, internally or externally, take these learnings and then share them; through essays, art or clothing. 

The last two and a half years, however, have been a real trip into Narnia.

It’s possible we’ve destroyed an entire generation. This breaks my heart. I literally think about it every single day. It’s quite likely most of them will never experience owning a home. Stranger still, according to the Washington Post, 27% of men under 30 haven’t had sex. 


Do you know what zero intimacy looks like? Do you know what that looks like for men under 30? They drive vans into crowds or join ISIS. 

Again, at present, the world’s a dumpster fire. I’m not sure we can put it out. 

If I’m barely holding on right now, when I have so much to be thankful for, I can’t even imagine what others are going through, except I can, because I’ve been there before. 

Boomers, and weirdly, some Millennials of my age, just… simply… can’t… relate to the kids these days, but it’s really not that hard to empathize. If you’d like to, go find a blank wall in your parent’s basement, stare at it for the next few years, while eating ramen.  

Not so fun right?


How did all this ignorance and indifference enter the world? I think I have an idea, but more importantly, I’m ready to share, so let’s go on a journey together.

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Stephen Shaw
I've worked with artists like Janet Jackson and Sammy Adams, I've helped with causes like HXOUSE and Fashion Cares, and I've consulted for brands like Adidas and Budweiser. These days I make things like Dopesite, Artful Record® and It’s All Sad™ 🌎🌍🌏

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  1. Stephen,
    I am at a loss for words, your writing touched my heart. Knowing that someone else is thinking of these issues is truly comforting in moments where hope is often absent. As a gen Z, it’s sad to think about how the future might look like even if we try to avoid it, as we are constantly reminded with never-ending information that is biased towards what we want to believe. Amazing post.

    I appreciate you


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